Digital accounting

Digital accounting is the speed of document processing, accuracy of accounting data, and efficient management of company resources.

To establish accounting business processes in the company no longer needs a large number of employees accounting department, enough one highly qualified (chief) accountant, who moderates the functioning of the entire accounting system and reporting.

As it works.

The accounting policy is configured and adjusted by the accountant every new year.

Salary. The accountant performs general adjustment of accruals and deductions, when hiring makes personal data of employees, reflects personnel changes, automatically calculates salary, checks calculations. After the check puts the settlement sheets on the mailing list for employees and 2 times a month sends the payroll statement to the bank for payments to employees.

Receipt of goods and services takes place on the basis of legally significant documents received from counterparties on electronic document circulation (EDO) directly in the  1С Accounting. The manager or trustee signs the electronic digital signature (PPI) on the acceptance, after which the accountant reflects the document in the accounting accounts and in the directories. Loading the vendor ‘s electronic document eliminates errors from the operator entering data based on paper.

Expense report. When purchasing goods in the store, flights on the Internet or paying for hotel accommodation services, the material responsible person (MOL) needs to inform the cashier of the e-mail or phone number where the e-check will be received. For example, it could be a special electronic box where all documentation on acquired goods and material values and services will be collected.

Sale. EDO allows to sign with the help of EDS and send documents of sale of goods and services (consignment note, certificate, invoice, universal transfer document (PDA), contract, invoice, etc.) to buyers directly from the accounting program.

Bank. 1С is quite simply synchronized with the bank and all payments in one direction or another take place instantly. The entrepreneur will only have to sign outgoing payment orders.

Month closing is done by the accountant by pressing the corresponding button. It then verifies that all financial and tax accounting accounts are closed correctly, corrects the defects, and, after all adjustments, begins to complete the reports.

Reporting is generated by selection of corresponding regulated forms. After each declaration is completed automatically, the Chief verifies the data received in it with the data on the accounting accounts, adjusts if necessary, and, if everything is correct, sends it to the control body.

Electronic reporting to control agencies also takes place directly from the application, where you can send the report and track all stages of its processing (receipt, acceptance and entry of data into the system).

Electronic interaction with the tax inspectorate helps to prevent sanctions (penalties, fines, blocking of the settlement account). Allows you to quickly resolve the issues that arise, namely, check the balance of tax settlements at any time, make a reconciliation, clarify the payment, quickly receive correspondence and send a quick response.

Digitalization of the national economy is rapidly gaining momentum. In this reality, it is important to constantly automate business processes to quickly obtain and accurately process information. This provides competitive advantages and opportunities for making the most effective decisions.