Legal service

Legal support of the company is an important element of business. This is very important both for the company (its viability and effectiveness, as a legal entity), and personally for managers and founders, since they bear personal administrative, property and criminal responsibility.

That is, in other words, inadequate legal support may lead the company to losses and bankruptcy, and the head and founder to ruin, since they can recover huge sums of money from them and bring them to criminal liability. Of particular importance is the quality of legal support when the company is experiencing difficult times (is on the verge of bankruptcy, is forced to reduce employees), and also when it plans a new project for the company.

As experience shows with companies that are in a difficult situation, the reason for such consequences is the presence of a weak legal service in the company, but at the same time very expensive.

We offer an effective alternative – legal outsourcing.

We claim that legal service with the help of our company is much higher in quality and at the same time much more profitable.

The essence of full outsourcing is very simple. Your company does not have a legal service at all, and our legal center performs its functions. Also, as you install Kaspersky Anti-Virus on your PC, you also “install” legal protection of Impers in your company.

Depending on the size of the company, workflow, judicial activity, we build an individual system of legal support so as to achieve maximum efficiency, and at the same time make the cost of such services as low as possible.

Depending on these parameters, one or more experienced lawyers of the center are assigned to the company. The necessary technical means are allocated (computers, printers, scanners, safes and filing cabinets).

At your request and if there is such a need for communication and prompt response, we can place one or several specialists of the center in your office (from you only a table and chair, to everyone else, including access to the legal system “Consultant Plus”, we will provide our Specialist themselves).