Information support for business: building your own IT infrastructure (bundling the company’s server with personal computers and mobile staff devices, installing software, configuring communication systems (telephony, e-mail, instant messengers WhatsApp / Viber / Telegram), 1C programming for business tasks, Creation of a website and its promotion.

Audit and optimization of the existing IT infrastructure.

Installation of new equipment and software.

  • Selection and adjustment of an optimally balanced, reliable and secure system for business, both at the software and at the hardware level.
  • Legalization of all software, as much as possible, the selection of free analogs, which will save the danger of inspections. You can be absolutely confident and calm in the right to use the software without losing, and often even acquiring in reliability and stability of work, while saving the business from unnecessary, unnecessary costs.
  • Inventory of existing equipment. Selection, configuration and installation of the missing.

Configuring and installing high availability systems on your own server.

Centralization of the IT-structure on its own server, which hosts several virtual servers that perform the key tasks to provide business with everything you need: workflow, CRM, mail server with the company’s domain, telephony, 1C, data backup and much more. It is possible to provide secure remote access to all these services from mobile phones, tablets, which makes the office mobile, but at the same time completely preserves security. The system is thought out not only on the software, but also on the hardware level, i.e. There is a redundancy of hard disks, with the possibility of hot swapping. For example, if a hard disk fails, which is very likely to happen, you will not even notice it, and you can perform a replacement even without stopping the services. Also, the server connects to an uninterruptible power supply, which will save it from jumps and power outages, which is also not uncommon. In the event of a long power outage, the server will shut down correctly, previously shutting down the virtual servers, which is important, and when the electricity is restored, it will also start the system correctly. It is also possible to connect a backup channel of the Internet connection – if the main channel is disabled, the backup channel will automatically work, when the main operation is restored, and the main one will also be switched.

Configuring monitoring of the performance and health of the IT infrastructure.

But, like every most reliable car, needs maintenance and diagnostics, and the most reliable, autonomous system needs to be monitored. Configuring server monitoring will give you the opportunity to respond in advance to possible problems, thereby maintaining uninterrupted operation, and in case of failures, quickly restore failed systems.

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