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Accounting service

Accounting services can include the transfer of the accounting function, both for full accounting outsourcing, and partial, depending on the organizational structure of the client company.

Thus, accounting services can consist of:

Primary accounting (operational work) – processing of documents for the acquisition of goods or services, processing of sales, interaction with counterparties, making bank payments and so on.

Accounting – the organization of the accounting process in 1C: Accounting, namely: maintaining an accounting database, where the entire financial history of the company is collected; The formation of registers and reporting; Notifications to clients on payment of taxes, including detailed requisites; Tax advice.

Payroll preparation on staff, including payroll taxes (FOT), tax notifications, reporting to funds (FIU, FSS).

Electronic document circulation (with EDS and without: through joint cloud storage, e-mail, whatsaiber and any other messenger) and manual using a courier or a personal meeting.

Management accounting for the purpose of forming management reporting with the most important business indicators (prime cost, profit, profitability, property and liabilities).

Reporting to the supervisory bodies (IFTS, FIU, FSS, ROSSTAT) through electronic service, by mail or on purpose. At electronic document circulation with control bodies here also includes reception / sending of the tax correspondence (requirements on payment of arrears, reconciliation of calculations under taxes and other requests).

Cloud service 1C through the Internet access to the accounting database will create and print any primary documents and view the accounting and tax reporting.


IMPERSA company guarantees a quality work done on time.

Excerpt from the contract with the Customer: cl. 3.10 “The Contractor is responsible for the correctness and timeliness of actions to maintain the accounting and tax records of the Customer within the framework of this contract and undertakes to reimburse to the Customer on the basis of his claim all penalties and fines incurred through the fault of the Contractor …, and At its own expense to make corrections in accounting and reporting … “


We work in the market of accounting services since 2007. We appreciate every client who entrusted us with the maintenance of accounting.

Our mission is to make the accounting department accessible (at any point with the Internet, it is understandable and profitable)

We are chosen because:

  • We keep our word;
  • All the 10 years we have passed the reports on time;
  • We give an accurate financial picture of the business;
  • We help manage money;
  • Our employees have high qualifications and extensive work experience.


Olga Grebenyuk

General Director of LLC “Artesink-M”,

Guys are just great. From the very beginning of the work you can see how everything is seized-they take all the necessary documents, transfer the data to 1C, answer all questions, send notifications on payment of taxes in a timely manner.

We have been working with IMPERSOJ since 2008. The guys never failed us, but on the contrary, they perceive and resolve our difficulties as their own.

Very happy partnership with IMPERSA.

Ask for the cost of services in the form below, indicating the taxation system, the number of business transactions per month (banking transactions, purchases of goods and services, wholesale and retail sales, etc.), personnel and other important information in your opinion.