CEO disqualification

November 20, 2020

Disqualification of the director of the organization is appointed by a court decision. A person removed from office shall not be entitled to become the head of a company for the next three years.
The reasons for disqualification may be:

Lack of cash registers;
Non-payment of salaries to employees;
Bringing the company to bankruptcy, etc.

If the company has a debt to the budget, and there is no reporting for the annual period, it is liquidated, and the director can be disqualified ...


Life Hack: How to clarify the declaration and at the same time not run into a fine

July 30, 2020

Tax acts on the principle: In the morning money, in the evening declaration. In the evening money, in the morning declaration.

If you need to make a tax adjustment to the surcharge, first pay the missing tax amount, and then send the declaration. Preferably 2-3 days after payment, the money will definitely go to your personal account before receiving a new declaration.

If you do the opposite, first send the declaration, and then the money, then the fine cannot be avoided (Article 119 of ...


Credit trap

July 9, 2020

Banks began to refuse to extend loans to some of our customers, citing ridiculous reasons like: "Sorry, we underwent a restructuring, when transferring data from the department to the department, confusion arose and the new head did not approve of the loan to you" or "Our manager unexpectedly changed, the old manager transferred the cases incorrectly, and we mistakenly closed you overdraft." And in all cases: "But do not worry, submit a new application, and we will consider it."

And nothing ...