Lead Generation

Service for organizing the flow of leads for businesses working in the field of b2b.

For any business, customers are needed. To get customers, you need to organize a stream of leads, i.e. People who showed interest in what you are doing – to your company, products or services.

In our experience in b2b, the largest flow of leads is formed by cold calling the target audience, which has a potential interest in your activity.

How it works:

Step 1: We form the database of your target audience

Step 2: We agree with you the scenario of a telephone conversation

Step 3: Perform a database call to the target audience

Step 4: Let’s give you the leads

The received leads are further conducted independently by the sales stages:

Identification / clarification of the need → Commercial offer → Presentation → Working with objections → Deal

To start receiving a flood of leads, leave a request in the form below, indicating your type of activity, location and desired number of leads per day / month.