Die offene Stelle. Der Operator des Call-Zentrums

You need a communicative, polite, emotionally stable, patient phone player to gather interested contacts in business products. Remotely – it is necessary to organize your own workspace. High-speed, high-quality Internet, professional headset (for example, Plantronics or Sennheiser) and fast personal computer are fundamental. For 4 hours in the morning, focusing on Moscow time. Fee for each interview and target contact.

Calls to potential clients.

Free Computer, Internet, Excel
The competent, put speech.
Presence of headset with noise suppression, internet from 5Mbit/s
Total absence of background noise during working hours (9 to 13)
Mandatory experience in the call center

Work at home
2 rub dialogue (counted from 16 seconds), 150 rub lead. Weekday mode from 9 to 13. Calls go automatically.
Monthly PO for 4 hours a day from 12 to 20, depending on the employee ‘s personal efficiency.

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