Business plan. Finance

Any business is not only the realization of a dream into reality, but also risk, and first of all – loss of money.

Estimate your income and expenses for at least the next 6 months. This is a trial period for the business, based on the results of which it will be possible to draw the first conclusions for the future prospects of the enterprise.

Maximize all possible costs, such as:

👉 Purchase of goods

👉 Rent, utilities, repair

👉 The salary and insurance premiums (30.2% to salary)

👉 Taxes

👉 Machinery and equipment (incl. a cash appartat)

👉 Accounts department

👉 Internet, telephony

👉 Advertizing, marketing

👉 Expenses specific to your business

👉 Contingencies (25% of all expenses)

Count revenues. Select the guaranteed amount from it, which consists of already existing customers.

See if guaranteed income covers all costs? If it covers, your business is fully financially secure.

If not, it is necessary to cover the remaining amount of expenses either with accumulated equity (the best option) or with debt/credit funds.

Attracting other people ‘s money is an increased risk. Remember that they will need to be returned, maybe from their future salary, if the case does not go and has to close.

A sound financial plan will be the foundation of your success.